Get Taxi LogoGet Taxi have today announced that they are to start a corporate team, these drivers will work exclusively for Get Taxi corporate clients.

I seem to remember seeing something like this before from another app! And we all know where that led?

Instigating this sort of service is, in my opinion, a step backwards, there is not enough work on the system to satisfy most drivers at the moment, and starting a scheme such as this will only go towards reducing the amount or work available to those drivers who are not part of this corporate team.

Below is the email from Remo Gerber

I hope you’re well and the streets are being kind. Some great news for you – we’ve recently had a number of new business accounts join us, and specifically, we have two major account launches in the next few weeks. These clients are very important, so to ensure we can offer them the best customer experience (we need to have 100% coverage within minutes) we are inviting applicants to join our Corporate Team.

As a member of the Corporate Team you will:

  • Be paid a day-rate for 7 hours work of £200

  • You will exclusively work for these companies, or as directed for important jobs – in some cases this may mean just waiting outside the office for the next job

  • Receive an enhanced promotional pack including a 4G WiFi hotspot in your cab

  • Need to have the highest driver standards. You will serve our top corporate clients and be representing the trade in general

To be eligible you need to be one of our top 250 drivers, you can apply

Please note places are very limited, so do not hesitate to register your interest. We aim to respond to you as quickly as possible and will make a formal announcement once the team Corporate Team is complete.

Just to be very clear, we will never discriminate amongst drivers in job allocation. The process is totally fair. Every driver is eligible to cover any corporate job at any time and the first job request will always be made to the whole GetTaxi team. The Corporate Team is for special situations.

If you want to join the Corporate Team, improve your chances by:

  • Helping out when the team calls – we remember the drivers who are willing to go the extra mile and bring corporate work back to Black Cabs – thank you all for this!

  • Get your rating into the top 250 – best customer service, number of jobs you complete and extra rating points if you accept jobs between 7-10am or 5-10pm Mon-Fri and during the weekend Friday 4pm to Monday 10am

Remo Gerber

So if all corporate jobs will be offered to the whole Get Taxi Fleet then what is the purpose of having this team?

Hailo introduced something similar a while back which culminated in them applying for a private hire license, I wonder where this Get taxi Initiative will lead?

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