Mercedes, KPM and Rear Wheel Steering

It appears  that the Mercedes Vito is still having problems with the rear wheel steering even after the upgrade, it seems that the activators are still playing up even after KPM have upgraded the system as it appears that the activators are not part of the upgrade. One driver has reported that now his vehicle is out of warranty that KPM want over £400 + VAT to replace the activators and only offer a 3 month warranty with them!

Now if KPM are fitting new activators how can they get away with only offering a 3 month warranty on the parts? Surely all new parts carry a 12 month warranty, obviously KPM have no confidence in their own parts otherwise they would have no hesitation in offering 1 years warranty on these activators!


  1. Im almost a year in,had two upgrades, total waste of time, still rear steer problem, Im going to write to Merc, to see what they have to say. I hope all drivers are aswell.

    • hi my name is steve aswell, had my cab over three year now , been in kpm over 25 times , steering has never been right,from day one the steering has come on the motorway, and knock me from one lane to another, which i work heathrow airport ,know about forty cab driver up there that got problem with there , i think there should al be recall in as these vito are dangrous for the public, are they waiting till someone get kill!!, before they do anythink, writing to the paper about this , best regards steve

  2. Have just missed my overhaul due to my Vito been in KPM 11 days with a back wheel stear problem, in my opininion DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE VECHILES until Mercedes guarantee back wheel stear .

  3. Got cab first or second on road. Nearly 4 1/2 years. Steer went first week,second week and failed two overhauls on the rear steer. Cannot count how many times its been in for repair. Went to Rygor before Christmas, spent £1550 on two actuators, two solonoids, new locking pins and safety switch. 5 weeks later,actuators have packed up,both of them,but you get two year warranty from Merc,unlike the shit 3 month that Kpm give. Do not listen to any spill that they have been rectified. It’s all ballshit. Merc great,Kpm rear steer shit

  4. Im not a taxi driver but work for mercedes, the rear steer system on the vito is a poor design backed up with poor parts.
    The steering was a problem on the euro 4 with water ingress in to the solonoids and wiring this was slightly modified on the euro 5 but the poor quality actuators stick towing in or out leaving the steering wheel out of align with possible esp warnings on due to steering angle sensor out of align.
    Even if the steering is not used the steering can still go out of align or warning buzzer sounding over bumps or for no apparent reason.
    The diagnostic system supplied by penze/one80 is very basic and dosnt work propely leaving mercedes dealers frustrated when trying to diagnose faults.
    The parts ordering system has improved but i dont know of any dealers keeping stock of parts which means no first time fix for customers ,this is a quality vehicle with a poor retro fitted steering system that i think most vito owners would agree on.
    Thanks for reading a frustrated mercedes technician


  6. Feb 29th 2013 I called KPM’s to book my4year old Vito in for the
    rear wheel steering the the 9th time only to be told there are not taking any bookings
    for the forseable future

  7. I’m thinking of getting a new 2013 Vito, I’ve had TX4s but I’ve had enough of them catching fire steering box recall, faulty rads gear box and all the rest but am I doing the right thing getting a new Vito or should I stick with a new TX4 ?

    • no sit tight wait till next year big movements possible new model of merc along with the Nissan will get the dealerships sorted

  8. I went to MB HQ last October to complain about issues on all Vitotaxis . The directors agreed to use their engineers to put the problems right . All parts for vitotaxi will now be stored at MBHQ warehouse . Loan cabs will be available in dealerships from April 2013 saving downtime . Mb management met 200 owner drivers at Heathrow and discussed all probs . We will not rest until this cab is right and the best on the road.
    We have set up an email address at MBHQ for owners to contact MB management directly Give your details and please be polite. Tell them your problems , they will reply.
    Individual voices gererally fall on deaf ears but collectively can achieve great results.
    Mike Canty and Irving Lomon . Vitotaxi Owners Club join us

  9. I do wonder if Mercedes know how KPM are percieved by London cab drivers

    • They do , REALLY . We set up the email address at MBHQ on directors floor both MB and One80 Penso
      Know exactly what’s been going on . Good or bad use this to tell them about cab and dealerships

  10. Problems you are experiencing are not
    not solely in London. Similar stories can
    be told by every owner who has one in
    Manchester, even those that have the Euro 5
    model. Several years ago I took Mann &
    Overton to court over an issue that I was
    experiencing with a new TX2. Simple case
    presented to court taking it through the
    small claims route. Won the case damages
    and costs awarded. Might a similar route
    be worth trying citing ‘ not fit for use ‘. Certainly
    worth a thought using the time spent whilst
    waiting for your Vito to be repaired filling in the
    paper work. If KPM had to respond to say 50
    claims who knows what they may be prepared
    to offer.

  11. Having a nightmare.. Where can I get actuators done apart from Mercedes as they quoted me £3500ish for 1 actuator plus 2 rear hubs they said needed replacing.
    Rang KPM and they are taking bookings for November for rear wheel steering problems..
    my inspection is tomorrow.. Just had 4 wheel alignment done and if that doesn’t clear dash lights.. I’ll have to remove the clock and remove the fault lights for ESP myself jst to go through test.
    What’s the best place to go to ? I’ll travel anywhere as I am based in West Midlands

  12. love my vito hate rear wheel steer kpms waste of time shame merc have put there name to such a bad design,steering never works for more than a week so only fix it for overhauls would i buy a new merc again i dont think so

  13. We set up an email address at MBHQ on directors floor last November . They now know the full extent of the problem s we all face . They know that half the owners remove the fuse and don’t use rear steer .
    The email address is This cab has an inherent problem admitted to us by MBS Director and management .
    Everyone in the trade knows , and TFL knows .
    Mike Canty and Irving Lomon Vitotaxi owners club

    • MB will give a statement probably next month . They have been working on water ingress in dogtooth system plus other areas of rear steer system . Too many stupid rumours going around . Its time to tell the truth . Their engineer told us months ago hydraulics will not fit on this cab , too heavy too bulky . Front steer double knuckle won’t fit within the parameters of the present Vito . The present system has to be perfected .

  14. I think Kpm are getting worse I had a problem with my rear steering I took my cab to them to see if they could diagnose the problem. My ESP light was on and they told me to make an appointment the cab will be alright to drive. The next morning I was driving my vito and a cab pulled along side me and the driver told me the cab was driving along like a crab at an angle. I took it to another garage who I know does do work on vito taxis and they told me that a bolt had snapped in the rear steering and the cab should never have been driven. Kpm just can not cope by themselves to repair this rear wheel steer problem. When I purchased this taxi I was hoping to keep it long term. I Paid £35000 for a taxi which drives really well but the rear wheel steering is a disgrace!!!!!!!

    • Letter to Vitotaxi Club from TFL
      Specialist engineer reports Rectification work to be carried out on ALL Vitotaxi s in London
      Confirmed by MB HQ
      Vitotaxi Club.

  15. Ref. rear wheel steer. I work in Manchester and operate a Euro 5 Mercedes Vito, complete with rear wheel steer. All of the Mercedes Euro 4&5 that operate in Manchester have at some stage experienced the same problems that other owners elsewhere in the country are experiencing. However we have approached the council and portitioned them to allow owners to have ithe rear wheel steer decommissioned, returning the vehicle back to its original design (fixed rear axle). At their meeting on the 2nd July they accepted our arguments and are allowing owners to return the vehicles back to a fixed axle. Manchester have before today only accepted vehicles that meet the London standard of conditions of fitness. They have also accepted the Mercedes M8 and Peugeot E7 both which have fixed rear axels as suitable vehicles to be passed as Hackney Carriages .
    Obviously the decommission of the rear axle comes at a price but owners are prepared to invest again in the vehicle because of its superiority in all other aspects of operation. The work has to be carried out at a Mercedes main agent but the parts taken off remain the property of the vehicle owner which in turn means that if your council can not see sense and allow you to decommission, then there will be plenty of second hand actuators and hubs for sale.
    The recommendation from the sub-committee goes before the full council on the 10th July and then back to licensing in August for rubber stamping.

  16. VITOTAXI CLUB. We wrote to Boris Just recieved letter back from Helen Chapman TFL .Rectification work to be carried out on rear steer on “ALL Vitotaxis ” working in London . MB press release end of July . At last TFL are listening. Pensos bolt on parts must match MBs quality on Vitotaxi , on rear steering and steps . New upgrade on steps coming too. For the price we pay on these vehicles , we expect the best . We will not accept anything less . Mike Canty and Irving Lomon .

  17. MB desperately want to put the cab right , despite what drivers might think . They inherited this problem when they took the cab over .
    It’s out in the open now , this inherently faulty system must be rectified . No owner should be paying out
    on a system that has not up to this date been “Fit for purpose “. What other group of owners would stand to be treated this way? . We are too used to accepting sub standard vehicles in the cab trade , we’ve been conditioned into accepting poor quality products . Stand up for yourselves .

  18. Although TFL told us rear steer retrification on ALL VITOTAXIS is starting in July , it will be nearer December . Water inhillation on components has been the main problem with this system according to the engineer bought in to solve the technical issues . Waterproofing components is the answer he told us a few months ago . That is what they are doing .

  19. Who is it that starts the silly rumours in our trade ? Just to put the record straight .
    1. MB have put their own hydraulic system on the Vito . UNTRUE they do not have a light vehicle system and it
    would weigh a ton . No space for it in front , no well. On the trucks it sits on a platform behind drivers cab , and
    very heavy.
    2. MB have put it on the front of the current Vito . UNTRUE it would not fit into the parameters of the present
    and would stick out too far.
    That’s straight from the specialist engineers mouth .

  20. MB management agreed months ago to supply loan cabs at dealerships . They called a meeting a few months ago to discuss the Vitotaxi with all commercial dealership managers , none wanted loan cabs from KPM , bad history with supply of parts and payment according to what we have been told .
    They cannot see the viability in taking on loan cabs . So we arranged a compromise , prioritise cab work and overnight repair and service S@B doing this now . Good feedback from owners . MB Brentford with us too .
    Sparshatts Crayford also sympathetic to Vitotaxi problems Good feedback.

  21. I bought a used vito in feb 2012 from kpm on the deal they were doing and had a nightmare from day one the warranty wasnt worth the paper it was writ on kpm bought the cab back off me in may after I begged them to take it back and I had to get a ten grand loan to get out of the hp agreement and mercs have said today my account is still active wish I had never bought the useless machine in the first place I am now going to the financial services ombudsman kpms are useless and ive been completely insulted by mercedes

  22. MB will not discuss compensation on out of warranty cabs , although they admit they have inherent faults on all Vitotaxis . Without an agreement we can only end up one way , in court . Owners are now taking the legal route .
    Contact We’ve been treated unfairly . Enough is enough .

  23. these are quite amazing stories sadly over many many years the cab trade have been getting sub standard vehicles thats why we have lost so much work, can you imagine if we had a quality vehicle with our knowledge and a very good vehicle, driver wise streets ahead vehicle sadly lacking behind all the limos

  24. We met KPMs new MD Trevor Parker along with One80 director Roy Mc Masters this week .
    Trevor is changing things at KPM , fresh approach . Increasing garage opening hours gradually .
    Hopefully opening 24hours service in line with Taxi trade . Many changes coming at dealershiip
    Refreshing news . We wish him well with this .
    Vitotaxi club is liaising directly with KPM on owners issues and problems soon . A good step forward .

    This is the best cab on the road , it’s going to be the best service too , from all dealerships we hope.

    Good news on rear steer issues , retrification starting soon . Technicians training up on it .
    Nice to have some positive news from KPM and MB for a change .

  25. Just released , MB retrification notice to Euro 5 owners on rear steer dogtooth system .
    All our trade organisations can come out of hiding now . There is a rear steer problem after all .
    Vitotaxi Club Mike Canty and Irving Lomon
    07973 739 576

  26. I was pleased to read all the comments regarding the rear wheel steering. I too have suffered . However the Vito as a cab is untouchable for comfort. I would buy another IF they get the RWS problem resolved .
    Can anyone tell me if the out of warranty cabs are to receive the MB recall?. Regards to all. Stuart Benjamin.

    • No there are no plans for this at present. We have a deal now for Vitotaxi club members to trade up to Euro5s with compensated trade in value on their Euro4s.

  27. We set up an email address with MBHQ for Vitotaxi owners to contact them directly about cab or dealership issues. Please use it politely.

    TO JOIN THE VITOTAXI CLUB Mike Canty & Irving Lomon

    Euro 5 cabs are now being retrified, hopefully it may be the cure, it may be part of the cure, but we are heading in the right direction . Bringing all the parts up to Mercedes standard. Euro 4 watch this space.

    • mike the upgrade isn’t the cure for mine in fact the buzzer goes off more times then it did before it , ive told simon and all I get is apologies and the fact my vito is under warranty ,, I don’t need to know something I already know I said what I need to know is what hes going to do about it !! personally what ever company be it merc penso etc that supplies the parts this rws will never work as its not really designed for use on what basically is a van!! I know of no other vehicle that is fitted with rws Other the HGV or PHV im amazed how a company that had a formula one racing team of engineers cant work out steering mechanics or design a vehicle that can turn with 25ft as required !! missan have done it im sure merc could to if they can be bothere, shame the national press cant get hold of this like the steering issues on the tx4 maybe the bad publicity might get Mercedes moving , it appears to me they say a lot but don’t do a lot bit like KPM !!!!

    • can someone explain to me why the euro 4 vito is not being repaired .as an owner of the the first vitos surely we are the ones that open the gate for cab drivers to buy the euro 5.we are the ones every plating have to hand over hundreds of pounds every time for it to break within weeks of having it fixed.i love my vito but would i buy another no

    • Hi there

      I own a vito taxi less than one year old but touchwood so far I have no problem with it apart from changing the 5 tyres inc the spare due to the bad quality .
      I have 2 queries please

      Should I still contact MB for the upgrade for the rear wheel .
      How can I join the vito taxi club.

      Many thanks

  28. hi well this so called recall upgrade dogtooth was fitted on my vito by Stratford east London last Friday the 9th august , picked it up Saturday morning after one hour the buzzer started going off again as previously the last 2 times ive been in there for it , ive been in touch with Mercedes told them they are getting the cab back and no more lease payments or I want a replacement vehicle under the sale of good act as its not fit for purpose also want my deposit back, they told me ive to give KPM a chance to put it right before that options taken and behold KPM rang me im booked in 5th sept for 2 days and loan cab but told them this is the last chance anyone gets to put it right if it goes wrong it goes back stand up for your rights your legally entitled to do so if more drivers did then we get somewhere good luck to mike and the club at atlast things maybe looking up but im waiting for the Nissan that might give merc the kick up the arse they need

  29. ps there is only one sure way the RWS will not give you any grief….. remove the fuse im afraid

    • hello dennis
      I have had my vito for 9 months now ( also leased ) and like you I would like to give back to Mercedes…did you follow up with your threat to it back to them ???? I have even had trouble getting serviced at only had 16,000 on the clock so they would nt do it, so had to rebook it.they had it for 7 hours before my day man called them to be told they changed two headlamp bulbs and that he could come and get it !!!

  30. Like everyone else on this board I have have had many problems with the RWS. Not helped by rygor’s at heathrow who did not do the repairs properly as confirmed by Mercedes Croydon who told me the rear seals had been fitted wrong. Rygors also had the cab in on many occasion once for 8 hours and worked on it for 2 and still did not phone me to collect it. KPM argued with me that when I was approached by a cab enforcement officer, the CEO could not tell from the outside that the RWS was not working, I informed KPM about the warning light on the dashboard and I was told I could use the vehicle as a mini cab without the RWS working. I have lots of video evidence of Rygors not working on the cab and KPM not knowing about a vehicle they are selling and instructing me to use it as a mini cab.

  31. Euro5 cabs now being retrified . The first stage of the fix is a watertight dogtooth system.
    There are no plans for the retrification to the Euro4s. We have been in discussion with EcoCityVehicles director Trevor Parker, and he has agreed to a compensated trade in valuation on Euro4s for Vitotaxi club members.
    KPM will be with us at Heathrow feeder park on Tuesday 3rd Sept . Get in warranty again.
    We are working on a rear steer only warranty at cost only with them, for owners not wanting to trade up. Coming soon. Trevor is now improving the 3 year old warranty with Global. He agrees it has too many exclusions. Or for a chat. MIKE

  32. Upgrades being done now on the euro 5 vitos still do not work . They are not fit to be on the road we should give them back as not fit for purpose

  33. The first phase of retrification to the rear steer system is now well under way.its a watertight dogtooth system with Teflon coated parts. Don’t be surprised if you still have problems after this. The second phase is a new type of actuator. This will continue until perfected, be patient.

    • mike, do u no how we stand if I give the cab back and stop paying the just needs one of us to do it as a’test case’. has anyone tried b 4 ???? I am willing to give a try

      • Gerry,ring me again. Need a long chat. Not as easy as you think to stop paying.

        Jon, the dogtooth is phase one of retrification. The second phase is coming in Feb, new actuators. I am told that they may change the ECU unit to make it more compatible with new actuators the present one is too sensitive and as you know goes off too easily. Plenty of evidence of this occurring.
        It’s definatley not quality motoring Jon, but the MB engineer is trying to bring it up to MB standard and will not stop until its achieved. It’s taking time,and they are as frustrated as us with it. At least it’s out in the open now and discussed.

  34. Driver of a Euro 5 Vito . Had dogtooth upgrade 2 weeks ago. Buzzer started going off with 1 red flashing light every time you go over a pot hole or speed bump within 2 days!! Vito Back in for repair again as buzzer went off this morning with 4 red flashes of lights, rws completely gone now, won’t even reset! At home awaiting phone call to collect!! Quality motoring?

  35. I understand Vito owners total frustration with a system that at present is defective, and that’s a fact.
    I also understand MBs frustration with the time it’s taken to put it right. I have looked at all the alternatives and believe we have to allow them the time to perfect this system. I believe that the Vitotaxi is the best cab on the road, and most owners could not go back to driving the other heap of junk they drove for years.
    I asked MB to bring in their specialist engineer to put the problem that Penso could not put right in four years of trying. This they did. We are being patient, but we will not rest until the cab is perfect.
    I have discussed a rear compartment sun roof with MB and TFL as ventilation is an issue with our claustrophobic and asthmatic passengers, this is now being looked into.

    Every new cab ever offered to us has had problems and the Nissan cab when it eventually comes out will have its problems too I’m sure. So the first Nissan owners become the next lot of guinea pigs.
    I sincerely wish them well, but personally I think the cab looks a poor alternative to the Merc.
    Personal choice of course but given the option of driving a Mercedes or a Nissan what would most people prefer.


  36. mike, thanks for your advice via the vito club.the giving the cab back idea was probably a knee jerk reaction.i like the vehicle and like you I hope they can sort out the problems.

    I would recommend all other merc owners to join the vitotaxi club,as I think with mike canty’s help and strength in numbers
    we could put pressure on MB

  37. Mike, thanks for your leadership, really appreciated. Mike what a fantastic idea of suggesting to MB and TFL a rear compartment sun roof to sort out the lack of ventilation issue . What are there saying regarding the front turning circle suggestion ? I wrote to MB about RWS,here is their reply:

    “Thank you for your email, from which we sorry to note your comments regarding the Mercedes-Benz Vito Taxi and the rear wheel steer system and your request for a statement regarding this.

    Mercedes-Benz UK (“MBUK”) are working very closely with our engineering partners to ensure all of our customer’s concerns are addressed. We assure you that Mercedes-Benz UK remain heavily focussed on the Vito Taxi and once we have a response, complete with a deliverable resolution, this will be communicated to the Taxi driver community.

    Yours sincerely,

    Simon Sharp
    Technical Case Resolution Manager
    Commercial Vehicles Customer Services

    Mercedes-Benz UK Limited”

  38. Mosr of you have had the phase one dogtooth fitted by now. Phase two is a new type of actuator coming along with a compatible ECU unit. The present ECU is far too sensitive and goes off too easily in everyday use as we know.
    These new improved upgrades will be fitted and tested in December and installed from next Feb.

    The sunroof Vitotaxi we have asked for will be presented at TFL soon. If approved we believe it will be an optional extra worth having, there is no substitute for fresh air for some of our passengers.

    We have KPM, with us at Heathrow feeder park next Tuesday and Roy Mcmaster director of One80 with us again to offer the new favourable valuation deal to our members with Euro4s to trade up into a new Euro5 and get back into warranty again. Save £200 road tax and gain on MPG too.
    Come and get a valuation next Tuesday from 8 am at Heathrow feeder park.
    If you are not yet a Vitotaxi Club member join up next Tuesday . Mike Canty.

  39. One80 director Roy McMaster will be with us again next Tuesday at Heathrow feeder park, to talk to owners about the Vitotaxi. If you own one new or old, come and meet him. Roy introduced the original cab to London.
    He will explain exactly what is going on with your cabs, and talk to you about any problem.
    He has been a very popular guest at Heathrow, please be nice to him.
    KPM will also be with us to offer a more favourable trade-up valuation on your old cabs. Many owners taking this up now. We have agreed a new rear steer only warranty insurance too, very good news.
    Hope to see some of you next Tuesday.
    Mike Canty.

  40. Roy McMaster and KPM will be with us again on Thursday at Heathrow from 8am to offer a favourable compensated valuation deal to Euro4 owners again. Many of our members taking advantage of this now.
    Come and get a valuation.
    Meet Roy who introduced the Vitotaxi to London and ask him any questions. Get upgraded to a new Euro5.
    Join the Vitotaxi Club.



  42. Read “The Badge ” this week. Two page article on KPM, MB and Vitotaxi Club news article telling you what’s going on with your cabs. LCDC is the first to support us and do this.

  43. I also may be one of the lucky ones who’s had mostly trouble free driving with my euro 4 vito I’ve somehow got s&g mercedes at wellham green to fit the upgrade today I’ve told them I’m now out of warranty they told me it won’t cost me as it is a recall I’ll let you know how I get on.


    No one listens to the lone voice, collectively we are making a difference.
    Join us and have your say about the cab you drive. It’s a two way conversation now, you don’t just have to accept whats given. You can talk to the manufacturers yourselves at our regular meetings at Heathrow.

  45. Hi, I’m at S & B mercedes in Hartford with a rws problem, it’s a new euro 5 vito taxi, 6mths old, I had the recall done a few weeks ago and it’s not been right, second time in to weeks. I’ve been reading the reviews on your page and I would like to join the vito owners club, could you give me the details.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Laurie
      As I said in revues, the first phase is being done. The cab will not be right until all phases are complete, we hope early next year. Second phase ECUs and compatible actuators and wiring to be fitted from next Feb.

  46. The new favourable valuation upgrade has been taken up by many of our members with Euro4s now.
    It’s a far better offer, and it’s fair compensation for all the aggro experienced on the cabs rear steer, and owners are pleased to be in warranty again.
    Whether you buy or lease your next cab it’s worth getting a valuation from Joe on a Thursday from 7.30 am at Heathrow.
    One80 boss Roy McMaster is often there to talk to owners about issues and developments too.
    He has been a popular visitor up there, and a nice guy to chat to. Come up and meet him.

  47. For Sale; Mercedes Vito Euro 4 rear wheel steer units.
    Following Manchesters decision allowing owners to have the units taken
    off, there are several second hand units
    for sale. They comprise of the rear axels,actuators,steering arms,solenoids,and hubs. The asking
    price is £400 approx. buyer to collect.
    If anybody is interested I can be contacted on 07900926544 . I will forward them pictures of the units.

  48. I have a number of rear wheel complete units for sale that have been taken off
    Mercedes Vito Euro 4 models. Manchester has been allowed to decommission
    It’s fleet for obvious reasons. The units consist of axles,actuators,steering arms,solenoids
    and hubs. Complete units consist of two of everything £400. Buyer collects. Mob. 07900926544

  49. Hi there
    I too have had untold visits to S&B Thurrock regarding the RWS,however on my B service I left a note attached to the service book saying I had a squeak on release of the handbrake and it needed adjusting,when I collected it they didn’t do what I’d asked and told me it needed rebooking due to the part needed for the RWS.
    When it went back for the warranty work I mentioned to them about the handbrake,they said ok then later rang to say that it would cost £75,I asked that surely handbrake adjust is in a service schedule,they said NO,considering KPM charge £28+vat (which I thought was steep) I declined and done it on my drive instead!
    I know there’s a 3 yr service plan but is this not nit picking??

    • To join us email JOIN US
      We have asked One80 to find a replacement manual step and running board step to take up to TFL on the
      Vitotaxi going up with the sunroof for inspection and approval soon. We do not need unreliable electric steps. These have been some of the main problems on Mercs. MB are listening and learning about our trade now. MB want the Vitotaxi to be the international cab, who better than the London Vitotaxi drivers to say what that cab should be. The best in the world, deserve the best cab in the world.
      Mike Canty

    • I agree they are expensive on brakes, which are not part of warranty. MB labour charges steep.

      • My name is simon I offer vito taxi brake replacement,and servicing.
        If you need your brakes changing please ring me on 07752263564

  50. I had to fork out £330.00 for a new solenoid for my rear steering a week after my warranty ran out typical,
    But what I would like to say is that it’s all well and good to px for a euro five but after talking to joe at kpm to get. The best deal for me it’s as if I owe kpm a favor yet they are the ones who sold us the faulty vito in the first place
    Kpm offer you £20.000 yet are selling the same year vito as mine for £25.000 .
    I was told the euro 5 new still have same problem ,I love driving my vito but it might be worth waiting for the launch of the new Nissan

    • Reply to Brian. KPM sell your cab with a warranty presumably Brian, and every business has to make a profit.
      The offer should be better now if you try. We asked MB to give a better trade up valuation to our members, this they are now doing. The deals I have seen are fair now. If you are not already a member join us.

  51. My self and my team have carried out around 60 euro 5 upgrades on the euro 5 taxi and most have been sucessfull.
    There have been a number of taxis that have had RWS problems after this manly due to the actuators that at this time is not part of the upgrade.The dog tooth is the main part replaced and if installed correctly should prove reliable.
    The reason the upgrade is not available on euro 4s is the tools used to install the dog tooth are not compatable with the euro 4.
    If penzo decided to make tooling for the euro 4 the dog tooth could be installed.The main failures we are still getting is with the actuators ,red light coming on 1 or 2 green flashes.
    Parts are now available from MB milton keynes which is a big improvement this means next day delivery if the dealer is out of stock.Things are moving in the right direction most dealers have a good understanding of RWS so get the right dealer.

    • Reply to Steve MB Technician. When you say get the right dealer, you are partly right.
      The right dealer needs the right parts to fit. Soon these parts will soon be available.
      We must empathise with each other on this issue, dealerships and owners alike have had to face the same problems.
      Difference is when our cabs are in the garage our business closes down, and we don’t get paid.
      Euro 4 cabs will get reconditioned dogtooth system next year, which has worked well under test.

      Mike Canty

      • Hi Mike will the work on the Euro 4 rear wheel steer be carried by MB with no charge as we have obviously been sold vechiles which were not fit for purpose in the1st place?


        • Work on Euro 4 will be carried out by ECV at KPMs . As you know Peter I agree with you. Read our Vitotaxi Club updates for info.

  52. Dear vito drivers on the15-12-13 my rear steering activated at 40mph .i managed to bring vehicle under control safely. Can any one tell me what would have happened at 70 mph???? This vehicle is not safe to be on the road. I have informed MB don’t really want to know .I will now be taking legal action against MB and KPM

  53. The next phase of fix is being tested and awaiting homologation now. The new actuators have been vastly improved and extremely protected from water inhalation. The sensor problem which brings on the warning light has been resolved along with compatible ECU and stonechip wiring.
    A vast improvement to the defective system we are told.
    TFL and MB told us all Vitotaxis will be rectified.
    We agreed with MB in November 2012 to stock all parts for Vitotaxis at MBHQ Milton Keynes.
    These parts are now being stocked there. If ordered by dealership before 4pm delivered next day by 8am.
    They do listen they do not hurry things, but they come good in the end. Well done MB.

    • Will all vito taxis be rectified as stated above or just the euro 5’s

  54. I was invited to test drive the Nissan taxi a few weeks ago. Like everyone else I was optimistic that we would have a bit of competition with the cabs we drive. I was disappointed with the vehicle though.
    It was in my opinion tinny small and cheap. Although it was not in its final state, the cab was sluggish from a standing start with two persons in. Cannot imagine a cab full of passengers with luggage in it, very cramped.
    It did have enough speed at the top end. I did like the front wheel steer, positive.
    My opinion for what it’s worth is if you get what you pay for, then it shouldn’t cost much.

  55. It seems that this post is turning into a forum for Mercedes Vito owners…
    I might have a solution and a medium where you can discuss Vito problems by the end of this week

  56. Sorry Admin It’s a topical subject. Mike

    • Hi mike left a message with mr Loman if he could send me my renewal form through post I am still waiting my address is 64 Saint Clements road Benfleet Essex SS7 5XG also any more news on rear wheel stear only I have a problem with o/s rear wheel movement it isent a bearing also a knock on rear wheel steer in operation opposite way any suggestions also out of warranty last September 2013 kind regards harry

  57. I know this is going to seem crazy to everyone with all these problems and issues listed above but I have been planning on changing my TX2 (06) to a Vito in the next 6 months or so if I can get money together. I cant afford a new euro5 (Yellow Badge, Sorry) so will buy second hand, my budget might be between £15000 £20000

    I have some friends who own Vito’s and love then apart from the problems listed above also some problems with the step??

    My question is, if I continue my plan on getting the Vito, apart from “don’t do it” what steps could I take to minimise buying a Vito with these issues. Or should I treat it just like any other vehicle purchased, buy one with full service history and one with rws updated?

    Hoping for some feedback for a possible new Vito owner, any advice welcome.

    Thank You
    Be Lucky

  58. My Vito rws failed at 77500miles having been use only 55 times. 43 to the right, 12 to the left. This rws engage whilst I was driving on the A1 at 60 mph violently throwing me from the nearside lane into the centre lane, fortunately no other vehicles were close. I then removed the fuse as the alarm continues sounding and the rws is inoperative. This rws setup is clearly a dangerous botched retrofit that as far as I’m aware has fail every Vito owner. KPM and Mercedes Benz appear to have washed their hands of this problem apart from effecting costly repairs with a minimum warranty period. DON’T BUY ONE.

  59. any recommended vito taxi garages? near Harrow would be nice, but any will do.

  60. I have read all comments above I also have had all the problems re rear wheel steering hand break charged 50 pounds to adjust by S&B Thurrock also told to only use hand break in natural if not it pulls the shoes forward that is when you hear them to start to squeek to which I assume is why you have to have adjustment this must be another bad design because hand break works independently to your disk breaks so what happens when you park on hills needs to be sorted also problem with rear steer phoned S&B about knock on rear stear when in operation said they would look at it but at a cosy 100 & odd pounds to tell me what it was plus the cost of repair v.a.t and labour must think we are all lottery winners I love the cab but looking at other options ps also had an issue with hire light had to wait two weeks for new unit

    • I offer a brake and service on your vito,please ring me on 07752263564
      Many thanks

  61. i took my Vito taxi under extended guaranteed three times to k p m first time they said there are some wires lose they need fixing they charged me 50 quid plus rear wheel steering wheel charged to global insurance second time they i have to pay them for cleaning steering parts 250 pounds which the company said is not covered by extended warranty they changed few switches they steering didn’t work single day ring them up again they go to some other garage i took to to a garage near T5 it worked few weeks stop working again took back again they sort out the problem after 4 weeks i got a telephone call from the garage they said the global insurance declined to pay for the work done under warranty that they don’t cover king pins the garage want 200 pounds that £500.00 pound with in 7 month of buying vehicle from k P M THEY WERE SAYING WILL COST ALL MAINTENANCE BY THEM

    • Hi if you need any brakes or servicing done on your vito please ring me 07752263565.many thanks simon

  62. Bought my Vito in December 2009.
    Drove and listened to the two demonstrators on show, one with rear wheel steering one without.
    I work in Edinburgh, heard the rear steering creak and groan and thought I
    “I’ll leave that a couple of yours to get sorted out”
    Bought the other demonstrator. It has now done over a quarter of a million miles and is the best taxi I have ever owned by far. I have been in the game 33 years and also have a TX4 which I cant wait to replace with anything that has nothing to do with LTI/Geeley
    You only miss the turning circle for a couple of weeks till you realise you don’t need it any more than you need a plastic walnut dash.
    Time for London to ditch the 25′ turning circle and enjoy better taxi choice Noooooo not the E7 crap!

  63. Hi mike my name is sharon dell i worked at kpm please could you contact me regarding a customer call mr corr

    i lost my job because this man said i was rude , if you was to ask all the cab drivers who come into kpm they would tell you that am a nice person ,always willing to help and freindly.
    kind regards
    sharon dell

  64. you want to fight for the black cab drivers but you dont get back to people who help you to get there services done and rws its people like me who help the black cab drivers
    you help yourself . mr corr was very rude to me he made a complain against me which was not ture and loss my job …… i will not get in a other black cab and have spread the word about mr corr i have informed the carriage office . you told me you would get back to me this has now been over a month . you are very quick to complain about kpm not getting back to there customers yet you still have not answer me

  65. Here in Manchester we are fortunate
    that licensing listened to our request
    to have the RWS decommissioned on
    the Vito as most owners believe it to
    be a superior vehicle to anything else
    on offer. I purchased a Euro 5 model
    which is now 30 months old and like
    everybody else have suffered problems
    with the RWS. After several e-mails
    between Mercedes, KPM and myself,
    regarding the removal of the RWS, Mr.
    Roy McMaster ( KPM ) made a very
    generous offer towards the removal
    of the system, meeting costs towards
    it’s removal of over 60% of its total cost.
    Although I have been critical in the past
    I cannot praise KPM enough over their
    treatment towards me in solving my
    problem and in particular Roy McMaster.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending
    KPM and will be placing a further order for
    a replacement vehicle October 2014 if they
    are able to produce one with a swivel seat,
    which is mandatory for all Hackney Carriages
    In Manchester.

  66. Sorry I have not read this Supercabby blog for some time.

    We met with MBs directors recently after asking them for an extended warranty on their Euro 5 cabs until the new actuators and ECUs arrive in August hopefully after testing and homologation.
    When the Euro 5 came out KPM had told us ” all RSteer problems solved on the Euro 5s ” we paid an extra £6000 more than the Euro 4s.
    MB took full responsibility with Euro 5, Euro 4 had been a donor vehicle to EcoCityVehicles.

    MB agreed to do this and gave us an announcement and assurance that ALL Euro 5s
    Rear steer will continue to be covered after warranty ends. Many owners are already out of warranty.

    Mike Canty

    To join us

  67. I’m interested in buying a mercedes vito taxi can some one tell should I buy it or go for tx4

    • All I can say is I love the drive of the cab but unfortunately I lose a lot of work because customers do not realise its a Taxi. I’ve had the cab just over a year and will probably go back to being squashed in a TX

  68. MB say testing on new type of actuators and ECUs going well and on time for completion late August.
    All Euro 5s will be rectified.

    We have asked CityVehicles for an announcement of their intentions to Euro 4 owners, they say that they will make an announcement once the components are tested and proved to work properly on the Euro 5s.
    Meanwhile they are now offering what we believe to be a fair trade up valuation on Euro 4 cabs as requested by the VitoTaxiClub. The traded in Euro 4s will have straight back axles fitted and be sold in the provinces where the conditions of fitness on turning circle does not apply.

    We told MB that the retail price on their cabs is too high bearing in mind that our fare increases have not kept up with inflation in the last seven years, and the trade is feeling the pinch in many ways.
    KPM has recently announced their new offer of £39,995 on buying the cab.
    We have suggested to MB that they reduce the costs on Agility deals in line with this.

  69. Vito Taxi Club

    We should only use genuine MB parts on our cabs.
    Some owners have been using pattern parts which nullifies your warranty.
    We have an MB parts club deal allowing you to buy genuine MB parts for your cab only
    at very low cost. We are seeking and obtaining discounts for our members on any products
    we all use wherever possible.
    Our website is in new hands and being updated and revamped at the moment.
    Check it out.

    Join us at

  70. MB tell us that the new components ( actuators and ECUs ) are on schedule to finish testing and be homologated this month (August ) as their MD advised in his announcement to owners in May.
    They say that they are happy with the new components, I hope we all will be soon.

    I asked CityVehicles CEO Jonathan Moritz earlier this year to announce their intentions regarding the Euro 4 owners.
    The Euro 4 is CityVehicles responsibility as it was only supplied with a donor van from MB for One80 to adapt into the 111 taxi.
    MB only took full responsibility with the arrival of the 113 Euro 5 cab.
    Mr Moritz agreed to make an announcement once they see that the new components are working successfully on Euro 5s. The components will work on both models, but the Euro 4s will need a reconditioned dogtooth and also a service measure on the hubs. Much of this includes waterproofing as water ingress has been the main problem.
    Our Euro 4 owners anxiously await this announcement of course.
    Meanwhile the trade up valuations on Euro 4s have much improved, and we feel they are now fair.

    We have asked MB to reduce the price of the Vito’s in order to be competitive with other London Taxi manufacturers, and increase their sales which have been down as reported in our trade press recently.

    We owners know that we already drive the best cabs on the road which although not perfect yet, will eventually be if MB carry on listening to the owners. We deserve it after all this time of suffering the
    One80/Penso Curse ( inherently defective rear steer, and steps )
    Perfection takes time unfortunately, and the VitoTaxiClub will not rest until it is achieved.

    Mike Canty

  71. We asked MB for a better Leasing deal. Here it is. This is a good deal now.
    We have also asked for a better buy it now price. We will see.

    3 Year Agility deal.

    £3000 down and £125 per week
    Nothing down £145 per week

    Mike Canty

  72. I was going yo get a vito but after reading this lot I think I wait for the Nissan

  73. I did read this lot and still went ahead and bought a 2010 model, no warrenty and after 6 months of ownership still love my vito taxi. No regrets so far.

  74. I booked my Vito Euro 4 taxi in with S & B commercials, Stansted on 14th August 2014 for rws work to be carried out, to prepare it for the overhaul which was booked for 27th August 2014. I left the vehicle with them while a took a short break in Scotland. After a week I received a phone call from S & B’s who told me that the wishbone in the rear wheel steer had seized. They had been unsuccessful in obtaining a replacement, apparently KPM had advised them to go to a scrap dealer to get one. S & B have also told me that Penzo no longer make or stock this part for the Euro 4! S & B say they have been trawling nationwide to try and locate said part, without success and it is now in the hands of senior management at MB Milton Keynes. I have no way of verifying any of the information given to me by S & B, can anyone shed any light on the matter. I had to cancel today’s plate test on the advice of S & B, and re-book at a distant testing station, due to unavailability elsewhere, for Friday 29th August 2014, which is now looking doubtful due to a replacement part still not located. Obviously I have been unable to work as a result of this. Has anyone had similar problems, is there any legal course that can be pursued either through LTDA or other bodies representing London Taxi drivers? Every year since the taxi has been out of warranty it has cost me ridiculously large sums of money to get the rws rectified for an overhaul pass.

    • Ref rear steer parts. If you could ring me on 07900926544 we currently had before I went away on holiday
      at least 16 complete units taken off Euro 4 Vitos. All these are decommissioned units taken from vehicles in Manchester. They include wishbone, steering arm, actuators, etc, etc.
      I also have complete units taken off a Euro5 with the updated dogtooth.

  75. Amendment to Euro 5 deal deal. CityVehicles came back to us with this.

    Agility lease deal. On 3000 miles. It goes up of course with higher mileage.

    £3000 down and £138 per week.
    Nothing down and £158 per week.
    Buy it now £37,995

  76. Hemmings road redevelopment plan. Proposal are for Tower Hamlets housing plan.
    KPM workshops will go if this goes through leaving the showrooms on west side.
    Much of this area is to be developed by Tower Hamlets.

  77. where is the fuse for the RWS located and what colour is it?

    • Rear steer fuse behind glove box. Put hand up under centre of box pull down wiring, flat outward facing fuse.

  78. Does anyone know of a good well priced garage for vito RWS not A & N or Audrey st any others thanks

  79. If you find a better one than A&N let me know. The one we recommend for Euro 4 r/steer fix.

  80. One80 have suspended shares and called in th administrator. No surprise though. Anyone asking who does R/S work now on Euro5 s, it’s MB dealerships.
    We are up at MBHQ to see the new upgrades working on test cab on Wed 24th Sept.
    MB are pleased with results of rigorous testing, hope we all are soon.

  81. We are meeting MB senior management at MBHQ Milton Keynes tomorrow morning for a pre-arranged meeting to see the new rear-steer upgrades working on a test cab. MB engineers are at last satisfied with the components after rigorous testing. Ironically this comes within a week of One80 going into administration, and KPM closing down. We had hoped that our specialist taxi dealership would remain, but hard times in the cab trade means that many taxi garages will go the same way unfortunately.

    MB assure us that they will continue supporting the Vito taxi owners at their dealerships.
    The Vito taxi is here to stay.
    Our meeting is now extended to take in these new developments. Daily updates this week on our website.

    • Wish it was just the rws problem I have had no power steering for weeks its taken 1.5 days to work out its the power steering pump and will take another 2 days to fit (when the part arrives next week fingers crossed .
      Also now have a faulty door lock that continuously locks and unlocks as I am driving .
      After receiving mb letter yesterday I am not convinced they want to stay in the taxi business.

  82. Euro 4 Vito taxi owners Rear steer/steps/doors problems etc, we recommend
    Nigel at A&N taxis 3 Colts Lane.

  83. We went up to MB HQ at Milton Keynes today for a pre-arranged viewing of one of the test cabs with the new upgrade rear steer system on. Four of us drove and tested it.
    Different class system.

    Our meeting was extended to cover this weeks news of One80 and KPM closing.
    MBs announcement and full rear/steer report to owners on our website soon.

  84. I had my rear stearing go on me 6 times in the first 5 months, KPM were a complete waste of time, then after numerous other times of going wrong my warranty ran out, you guest it! 3 months after it went big time, I was told they never had the parts but could lock it in place until they got the bits required! Amazing how rules can be altered around when it suits! Anyway found somebody else who did it but at a cost of over £3,000, it would have cost a lot more through KPM! It had only done less than 80,000 miles

  85. SuperCabby Excellent site, well managed, intelligent discussion, and no anonymous rumour-mongering doomsday merchants. Thanks Jamie.

  86. But For Nigel at A&N, I think I would have topped myself with all the problems i have had with the RWS!

    • Our VitoTaxiClub members feedback recommends Nigel A&N Taxis. A gentleman.


  88. can someone please advise me the best garage to sort my RWS problems .. and likely cost ..

    • Jason there is a lot of advice out there, be aware that taking the wrong advice can be a very expensive mistake. Rely on owners feedback, and learn from others mistakes.

    • Mercedes Enza in Manchester. Cost is £2000 to to have all the RWS decommissioned and replaced with original fittings

  89. News from Steve Bridge Managing Director MB UK van sales to VitoTaxiClub members.
    New rear steer upgrade service measure commencing 5th January.

  90. Euro 5 Rear steer upgrade service measure.
    MB are now contacting 11 reg Euro 5 owners to book in at their preferred local MB dealership named below for RS upgrade.
    MB will be starting with first Euro 5 cabs, and working forward.

    Rear steer Upgrade Dealerships = S&B branches, Rygor Heathrow, Sparshatts Crayford,
    and Rossetts Crawley.

    Other Vito taxis will carry on receiving like for like original RS parts until they are called in turn.

    S&B branches have been appointed as Vito Taxi Sales.

    Vito Taxi Club JOIN US ON-LINE AT

  91. VitoTaxiClub
    We are visiting MBs engineering partner Penso’s newly extended taxi factory on Thusday 29th January.
    We will be seeing the new Upgraded Rear Steering system being fitted to new Euro 5 Vito’s ready for sale very soon. We will be passing on our members suggestions and ideas for improving what most already tell us is ” the best taxi on the road ” most could never go back after driving one.
    The VitoTaxiClub’s aim is to work with the manufacturer to help build the perfect taxi.
    MB have listened, and continue to listen to the people that drive their vehicles.

    Join us at

  92. MB dealerships are very busy now carrying out the rear steer upgrade plus carrying out a recall on the MB Sprinter vans, so book in early for service work so as not to be disappointed.

    Agility lease returns. Make sure that your cab returns in tiptop condition as we are hearing reports that firstclassfinish are charging for dents etc. Premium tyres in reasonable condition should be fitted.
    If possible photograph all panels in front of the vehicle collector, he is not responsible for checking it over in detail however.


  93. Some of our members reported that although the system works well mechanically the buzzer is going off sometimes after Euro 5 rear steer upgrade.
    We talked with MB and Penso, they modified the electrics which will be on all their new cabs.
    We asked Penso for, and agreed with MB for our members with RS problems to have the work carried out at the Penso taxi factory.

    We have sent 20 of our members up to Penso Coventry on a Taxi factory tour visit pilot scheme.
    Whilst the cab is being modified ( about 3/4 hours usually ) the driver is given a factory tour by Roy McMaster, and a bit of lunch. Penso even supply derv for making the journey up there, a nice gesture.
    20 of our members have been up there, all saying they enjoyed the visit, the RS system is working better than ever before they all say.

    The pilot scheme has been a success, and continues.
    Any VTC members with Euro 5 RS probs wishing to take this visit contact us BY EMAIL ONLY
    So far, so good !

    Mike & Paul
    Join us on line.


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