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Unconfirmed reports have been received that ‘the boys & girls in Blue’ had to attend Hailo’s office in Great Suffolk Street on Tuesday as driver after driver visited ‘to discuss’ the matter.

Apparently Russell Hall had to put in an appearance after worried staff called him. Things started to turn ugly as more and more drivers became angry, leading to the Hailo people locking the door and barricading themselves in.
Apparently 40 angry drivers turned up at Hailo’s HQ in Great Suffolk Street. Graffiti was left on the wall outside and eventually the police were called.
One driver who did not wish to give his name said:
“They’re lucky only 40 odd drivers turned up, it could have been 1,000’s”.
He went on to say “Hailo has been the top app for 2 years and still they want more. Their greed is staggering. What next Hailo Richshaws? Virtually every driver I know is deleting the app”.
Another driver said:
“When you’ve known these guys for as long as I have and knocked yourself out trying to build “their dream” for the benefit of the taxi trade, could you really sit back and bite your lip?
Don’t know if I could. I know their financial masters call the shots, but I (like most of us) am not for sale, never have been, never will be.
Sadly it seems these guys are.
I think they have to expect more of the same.
I just hope no one gets too carried away, they are certainly not worth losing your bill over. Just treat them with the contempt they deserve.”
The current hysteria seems to have been caused, by a statement from co-founder and Company Chairman, Ron Zeghibe, which was made to clarify Hailo’s acquisition of a Private Hire Operators Licence.
You can read the Letter by clicking on the link below.
Not Just in London…Hailo Chicargo offering Black Cars.

This from Hailo Chicargo Blog

New! Hailo Black Cars with Introductory Pricing

The next time you open Hailo, you’ll notice that you now have the ability to choose either a Hailo Taxi or a stylish Black Car within the app.
Black Cars offer a luxury option for our passengers and just like Hailo Taxis they arrive quickly and offer great convenience.
Special Introductory Pricing
Starting from today, and lasting throughout our introductory phase, Hailo Black Cars will feature special pricing, making them one of the best luxury travel options in Chicago.
How This Adds Up:
Hailo Fee: $1.50 (same as Hailo Taxis)
Black Car Rate: Taxi Rate +30%
Minimum Fare: $12
With these incredible rates, taking a Hailo Black Car from The Loop to Wicker Park will cost just $17 compared to about $13 in a Hailo Taxi. Similarly, a journey from Lincoln Park to O’Hare will run about $46 compared to about $35 by taxi.
Ordering Your First Black Car
Please follow these simple steps when you’re ready to order your first Hailo Black Car:
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