The iPhone Xs Saga

Yesterday I received my new iPhone Xs, it was delivered while I was out at work and after doing a long day I wasn’t really in the mood for tackling the Restore and Backup using iTunes.

But I thought I would take a look anyway and switch the phone on and familiarise myself with it. When I switched it on it started to go through the set up procedure and to my delight it came up with a message which said, If you are updating from an iPhone running IOS 11 or newer just put this phone close to the phone you are updating from, so I moved the Xs close to my iPhone 7 and viola it started to copy everything across. I thought great, I won’t have to go through the restore and backup process with iTunes, but my joy did not last as the process very quickly failed.

This morning i got up and thought, right lets do this, so I connected my iPhone 7 to my Mac and did a backup which went quite smoothly even if it did take a long time, mind you I do have a lot of crap on my phone.

Now to connect my new iPhone Xs to my Mac and restore the backup from my iPhone 7, and this is where the trouble started!

I went through all of the stages of allowing the phone to trust this computer and so on only to receive this error message

I tried several times to connect to iPhone to iTunes to no avail, so I resorted to the Apple user community for help, this is where so called experts answer your questions regarding Apple products, and to be honest the help available was of no help at all.

I performed all of the suggested fixes, like restarting the computer, checking to see if the Mac was actually detecting that the iPhone was connected via USB and so on, but no luck with connecting to iTunes.

I also checked for any updates for iTunes from within the software and also on the Apple App store, but it said there were no updates available for my Mac.

So i resorted to typing the problem into google where i found this, The latest update for iTunes is not available in the apple store yet, type in iTunes Download into Google or Safari and re-download iTunes and install it!

So Apple have released a new iPhone and have not put the necessary software updates into the App store, well that was forward thinking of them!

I typed iTunes download into google and downloaded the latest version, installed it and connected my new iPhone Xs to my Mac and at last was able to connect and restore my backup from my iPhone 7.

So if you are intending going for the new iPhone Xs, download the latest version of iTunes by typing iTunes Download into your browser on your computer before trying to connect, update or restore.

Hopefully Apple will resolve this issue soon so you will not encounter this problem, but if you do then follow the steps above.


It’s been a long time!


It’s been over a year since I posted anything on this blog due to various reasons of which I will explain.

Firstly, for some reason Nominet, the UK domain registry suspended this domain name, stating they were waiting to verify the registrants details. Funny that they never bothered to email me about this issue! Personally I think I was Ubered.

Yesterday I fiddled around with the registrant contact details and miraculously after a few hours the suspension was lifted.

Secondly, after recently moving home I was left with an internet connection that was worse than useless, it was like travelling backwards to a time of dial up internet, you remember those times when you could go and make a coffee while you waited for a webpage to load.

Thankfully the internet connection issues are now sorted and I have a really fast synchronous connection.

Thirdly, I hadn’t been out in the taxi that often, in fact very rarely so I didn’t really have anything to write about. I was enjoying sitting at home and doing not much, well at least I thought I was enjoying it.

After a year I was becoming a bit down and realised that there was something missing in my life , something that I used to enjoy was lacking.

Now I know that this is going to sound ridiculous to some but I was missing driving the cab. I always used to enjoy driving a London Taxi but had become a little despondent about the job.

But now I am back and I have gotta say that I absolutely love driving a Taxi in London.

Yes I know we have our problems, traffic, Uber and TFL, but that aside I don’t think there is anything else that I would rather do for a living at the moment.

So now I am back expect more regular blog posts from me rattling in about anything and everything, normally ranting about something.

So until next time, be seeing you.

Motorists may face penalty for overtaking cyclists on some city roads

Road safety proposal by Department for Transport would give cyclists priority, restricting cars to 15mph with potential £100 fine
Cyclists in city

A Department for Transport proposal for ‘cycle streets’ would give bike priority over cars on some urban roads. Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

Cyclists may win priority over cars on scores of urban roads, with motorists restricted to 15mph (24km an hour) and handed three penalty points and a fixed penalty £100 fine if they overtake bikes, according to a government proposal. .

However, cars will still dominate most streets: the policy would only cover some cities and “lightly trafficked roads where cycle flows are high”.

The proposal for “cycle streets”, backed by roads minister Robert Goodwill, is one of many changes and improvements suggested in a Department for Transport consultation document on making streets safer, through measures including reformed traffic regulations and signage.

The document says the bike priority streets will be tested in cities that have made a commitment to promoting cycling – and to taking any available government cash for the purpose – including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne and Oxford.

“This is a bold initiative, which is being considered by some of the Cycle Cities and London, possibly including a ban on overtaking on lightly trafficked roads where cycle flows are high. Subject to any scheme trial, this prohibition could be accompanied by an advisory speed limit of 15mph,” it says. The consultation ends in June.

The British Cycling association has welcomed the proposed changes, but warned political determination and funding were essential to make them work.

“We still need the leadership to ensure these designs make it on to our roads, a national commitment to grow cycling levels, and it must be backed by a long-term budget line. Only then can we say that the prime minister’s ambition of creating a ‘cycling revolution’ can be achieved,” it said.

£1 coin to be swapped for 12-sided replacement

The new dodecagon design is modelled on the old three-penny piece and will be in pockets by 2017

Royal Mint
All change: The new £1 coin, which will be the most secure in circulation in the world

George Osborne is plotting to take the pound from your pocket – and replace it with a counterfeit-proof 12-sided £1 coin.

The Chancellor will say in tomorrow’s Budget the change is needed to stay one step ahead of criminals.

But the move was dismissed as a distraction from more savage cuts.

The new dodecagon design – dubbed a ‘Gideon’ at Westminster after Mr Osborne’s real name – is modelled on the old three-penny piece, or thrupenny bit.

It is of similar size but made with two different colours and special paint that is much harder to copy.

The current pound coin was introduced in 1983. There are now an estimated 45 million fakes in circulation – about one in 33 of those in use.

A Treasury source said yesterday: “The time is right to retire the current pound coin and replace it with the most secure coin in the world.

“With the pound ever more ­vulnerable to counterfeiters, it’s vital we stay ahead using cutting-edge British technology.”

The old thrupenny bit was in ­circulation from 1937 until decimalisation in 1971. The new pound coin will be introduced from 2017.

The Queen’s head will be on the coin as usual but Mr Osborne is expected to announce a public competition to find a design for the reverse.


Royal MintNew coin
Lookalike: The new £1 coin will have the same shape as the classic 12-sided ‘thrupenny bit’




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