The Great Petrol Station Rip Off

I am not sure if anyone else has noticed but when filling up the cab with diesel recently I have never been able to get the pump to stop at exactly £20.00, I have tried on numerous occasions with different tactics and still I cannot get the pump to stop at £20.00 or even £30.00 for that matter, the pump always seems to jump from £19.99 to £20.01.

Now I am not for one moment saying that you are not getting £20.01 worth of diesel when this happens but I personally think that the forecourts are playing a physcological game with people, for instance if the pump stopped at £20.00 you are likely to go into the shop to pay with a £20 note and probably won’t buy anything from within the shop, but as the pumps are stopping at £20.01 you need to produce more than just a single note so physcologically you think that you may as well buy something from within the shop as you need to hand over more than a single note.

So how can we stop these unscrupulous forecourts, personally I would urge everyone to stop the pump at £19.99, this would mean that they would need to keep an awful lot of pennies within their till to give out as change and if enough people do it this practice could soon be stamped out.


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