Concern is mounting as more details emerge regarding the Olympic VIP lanes that are to become part of London’s traffic network for the duration of the games, we have even seen reports where TFL have raised questions about the ODA’s Traffic Management and predictions during the games!

Well our prediction is plain and simple and that is that there will be traffic chaos in London during the games, especially during the main two weeks of the Olympics.


Every corner of London will be affected as there are venues all over London that will host events including, Woolwich, Greenwich, The O2, Wembley, Horseguards Parade, The Mall, Earls Court, Regents Park and of course the Olympic Village in Stratford. All of these venues will have VIP lanes leading to and from them which are closed to  all traffic other than official Olympic cars and coaches. The main problem surrounding these VIP lanes is that you will not be able to turn across them, so if the lane runs along lane 1 of a major road you will not be able to make any left turns from the road for the length of the lane, this is going to force traffic to travel further along already congested roads to reach their destination. Also where these lanes replace bus lanes, buses will not be able to use them so this will force even more traffic into the remaining roadspace.

Now all of this is going to affect the Taxi Trade in London in quite and adverse way, we are already being told that we should not transport people directly to the Olympic Village but instead we should drop them off at one of the public transport terminals, preferably St Pancras Station where they will be able to use the Javelin trains direct to Stratford, we will also not be allowed access to the VIP lanes and transporting passengers around London will increase journey times and obviously fares which could deter customers from using taxis for the duration of the games.

It is expected also that at least twice the number of Londoners will take their annual Holiday during the games to avoid the traffic chaos which will in turn reduce our customer base during this time. Those that are to remain and work in London are being advised to alter their working hours during the games to alleviate congestion in London, and they call all of this planned traffic management, personally we think that the transport committee of the ODA are clueless and are working on a wing and a prayer!

We all know what happens when the Taxi trade decides to hold a demonstration in Central London, traffic builds up in the surrounding area very quickly until chaos ensues! and that is usually only one particular area that we as a trade target, now the Olympics is going to hit at least areas in London, each of these areas will have restrictions and road closures so where are they expecting all of the traffic that usually uses these roads to go? Basically there will be nowhere for it to go so we will end up with gridlocked roads and ultimately traffic chaos!


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