We are all too aware of the ongoing works that necessitate the closure of Blackfriars Underpass on a regular basis as was the case on Friday 22nd March. Usually Fleet Street offers an alternative route when the underpass is shut but on Friday to everyone’s amazement Fleet Street was also subject to some major roadworks which meant there were temporary traffic lights in operation at the junction of Fetter Lane.

As you can imagine the traffic along Fleet street was terrible and stayed that way for most of the night.

Where is the management and coordination of road works and closures that we were promised when we initially voted to have a Mayor in London?

Where is the common sense to have road works on 2 major routes through the City of London?

TfL are supposed to coordinate and stop this sort of thing from happening, I realise that Fleet Street comes under the City of London but surely they talk to each other and one or the other could have put of their works until next weekend and they could alternate the works but I suppose that is too easy.

It does seem these days that the authorities have no concern for the general public when organising such works, you might even come to the conclusion they they even try to create as much disruption for road users as possible as to deter them from driving into London.


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