Save Black Taxis Group – LTR Interviews Episode 35

London Taxi Radio Interviews Episode 35

In this episode Joe @TheHolbornCab interviews the ladies from the Save Our Black Taxis Facebook Group.

The group has had phenomenal success in attracting members to the cause on Facebook where the group now numbers over 12,000 members.

The groups focus is on showing the affect the TFL’s weak enforcement of private hire regulations is having on the families of London Taxi Drivers and the stresses it is causing within family life.

The group can be found at

Russell – Arresting Uber Final Interview – London Taxi Radio Interviews 34

Russell Howarth – Arresting Uber Final Interview

This is basically the final interview of this type we will be doing with Russell as this is make or break time as to whether Russell comes to the UK to help the London Taxi Trade int heir fight with Uber.

Russell explains that he does not have sufficient funds to pay for his trip to London or to live while he is here, and neither should the London Taxi Trade expect him to do so.

Russell explains that he has an idea where every driver can help fund his trip to London for a very small amount per driver.

Just Over 2 Weeks until Private Hire Regulations Review Closes-Have you say

Just over two weeks until Private Hire Regulations Review consultation closes


·         TfL continues to seek views on potential changes to Private Hire regulations

·         To contribute, visit

There are two weeks remaining in the consultation on proposed changes to regulations governing the Private Hire trade.  Transport for London (TfL) regulates private hire drivers, vehicles and operators and is seeking views on whether those regulations should change and how they should be managed.


TfL launched the consultation as a direct result of discussions with the taxi and private hire trades.  The consultation seeks views on a wide-ranging number of topics relating to the Private Hire industry, including: 

·         whether drivers should meet a standard English-language requirement before becoming licensed;

·         whether TfL should take on an increased role in the complaints procedure;

·         how regulations may be amended to allow ride-sharing; and

·         how regulations governing in-venue operators may be improved.

The consultation also asks whether private hire operators’ databases, of bookings and jobs undertaken, should be uploaded to TfL’s servers. This would provide TfL with a greater understanding of the industry, assist in licensing and aid enforcement activity.


Transport for London – London Taxi and Private Hire  

Email: For enquiries email  

Web: For licensing information visit the TfL website

 or try TfL’s Common Questions Section

Twitter: You can now follow us on Twitter @TfLTPH

Telephone: For driver and operator enquiries call 0343 222 4444, for vehicle enquiries call 0343 222 5555


Knowledge Boy’s Moped Broke Down so he hired a Boris Bike and rode the Demo

This knowledge Boy wanted to show his support for Today.s Demo but his Moped apparently broke down.

So rather than just give up and go home, he hired a Boris bike and rode up and down the demo waving a “Totally Failing London” Poster as he went.

Sir, we Salute You

We need more of this kind of spirit in our trade, this knowledge boys determination to attend todays demo should be an inspiration to all.




John Preddy Cab4Now Interview – SuperCabby Interviews 31

u3Ym4Fk0In this Episode SuperCabby Interviews a Private Hire Driver, John Preddy.

This interview was recorded back in November 2014 and a lot of people contacted me with their concerns about this interview as John has come under a certain amount of scrutiny for things that he has done during his life.

I was also dubious about putting this interview out but for different reasons, and that is the sound quality is not that great.

But over the last few weeks many drivers have contacted me asking for some more controversial interviews and a lot of suggestions were that I should interview some private hire drivers, so I decided to dig out the audio files and clean them up a bit and put this interview out.

John is quite a controversial character who uses the Twitter username of Cab4Now.

John also runs a Blog at where he airs his views and opinions on London’s Private Hire trade and also comments on the London Taxi Trade.

John explains in the interview that he has spent 3 periods of his life working as a private hire driver and most of that time has been spent working for Addison Lee until recently when he left to join Uber.

It is worth listening to John’s observations as to the type of work that he is doing on Uber.

Since this was recorded I am not sure if John is still working on the Uber platform as recently he was extolling the virtues of a new app aimed at the private hire trade.

I have also seen John advertising some of the cars that he rented to other drivers for sale, so maybe not all is rosy in Uberland anymore.

Promotional Video crew wanted from within the taxi trade.

UnknownI am looking to put a crew together who have experience in filming and sound to record a promotional video for the London Taxi Trade.

I have all of the necessary equipment to record the video, I have access to camera’s, sound recording equipment and video editing software.

But I am unable to undertake such an enormous task on my own, so I am looking for people who have experience in filming from within our trade, and also people who have no experience but can just come along to assist with the filming.

This is a large undertaking on my part but we could get all of the filming done within a day if we get enough volunteers to make this project happen.

I will also need someone who has an extremely smart TX4 fairly new London Taxi to take part in the film.

This project could really make a difference to our trade and could have a real positive impact on the travelling public in London which in turn would generate more work for drivers.

I don’t want to give away too many details of the basis for this promotional video, but what I can say is that the angle was conceived by a group of people with the help of an executive from a very large, high profile, well known advertising company.

If you would like to help with this exciting project then please get in touch via the contact page on this site or DM me on Twitter


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