By Richard Cudlip
The Cabbies Capital

Back in the mists of time (June 2009) before Twitter was mainstream and Taxi booking apps were EVERYWHERE, myself and Karl James sat in the back of his cab and came up with the idea of @Tweetalondoncab. (longer back story here) The intervening 5 years have been at different times exciting, difficult, happy, sad, weird, painful, and different. Often at the same time. But what emerged out of all that wasn’t anything that we envisaged at the start. The bookings were always a bit of a pain in the arse to deal with and despite multiple attempts to work with outside agencies, (hi Hailo how are you doing?) we realised that what we’d done best was create a community of like minded drivers. Bookings took a back seat and we concentrated on our traffic & work information service @Cabup, while other drivers did what they do best and created TLC Golf Society. There is also a TLC Cycling Society and rumours of a Wine Club. The @Cabup service has over 400 drivers sharing information and the golf society has monthly events that attract over 50 drivers (we can let you know where they are playing so you can avoid those courses).

Despite the somewhat bumpy journey, I am incredibly proud of what TLC as a whole has achieved and have made countless friends along the way, some of who aren’t even Cabbies! None of this would have been possible without the hard work of a lot of people so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to them all. I’d list them all here, but I’d forget someone important and that would be bad.

With Taxi apps everywhere spending millions and “disrupting” the Taxi Trade (I’ll leave my thoughts on all that for another day) @Tweetalondoncab seems almost quaint. We haven’t really taken any bookings for a while and those that come through tended to be through other, non twitter sources. So, with a feeling of both relief and regret, we have decided to close down @Tweetalondoncab as a booking service. From today we will not take any more bookings. But we aren’t going away completely, the twitter account has been renamed @blackcab and we want to put a bit of life back into that account. We have lined up a group of drivers who will take turns to “curate” the account allowing them to show you how they see this great city of ours. The cabby community is as diverse as most and we hope that we can show you that through the different voices that will emerge from this account. Bear with us for a bit while we find our feet and feel our way but we really hope to make the @blackcab account a fun and interesting source of Cab-centric information. Please feel free to become part of the conversation.



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