Keep calm we can win

Do you care about our Trade?

Do you want to continue earning a living driving a Taxi in London?

Open Meeting Wednesday 1st October 8:00pm at the Oak Taxi Cafe, North Wharf Road.

Work Levels Down

I don’t think there is a driver out there who would not agree that work levels are not what they once were? It is becoming harder and harder to earn a living driving a taxi in London, yes we are all still managing to keep our heads above water but it is becoming harder.

We are spending longer and longer in  our Taxis to earn the same money, we are not moving forward.

With the advent of Smartphone apps and the industry disrupters muscling in on our business the future for the taxi trade in London does not look as good as it once did.

The media keep on telling everyone that we are luddites and that we are resistant to technological change, when in fact quite the opposite is the truth, London Taxis were the forerunners of Radio communications between vehicle and control room, we were also the first to embrace data despatch, we were also accepting credit cards long before any private hire company thought of doing so.

There are numerous articles within the media that inform the travelling public that London Taxis cost at least twice that of a private hire car, which we know is of course not true.

We have a problem where anybody and everybody can write and article and post it on a website somewhere out there in cyberspace, most of these pieces are badly researched and show that the author has very little knowledge of the subject matter about which they are writing.

We are never going to be able to stop these so called journalists from writing these badly researched and biased articles but we can do something about promoting our own trade.

Taxi Drivers in London need to stop looking at this profession as merely a job! We need to recognise that we are all small business people and we need to act as such! We need to pull 0ur heads out of the sand, from where we have had them stuck for many years and take the reins of our business and make sure that the London Taxi Trade, which has been around for over 350 years is fit to compete for another 350 years.

Yes we are competing with one hand tied behind our backs as we are told what vehicle we can drive, we have to abide by the most stringent regulations, whereas these business disrupters have blatant disregard for the law, and as we are all too aware, TfL are totally inept at enforcing their own licensing laws and regulations.

Minicabs have been about for 40 years and I have still earn a living – Its always been the same, you won’t change it!

Yes minicabs have been around for over 40 years, but there has never been a bigger threat to our trade than there is now.

You can drive around in your own little World in the misguided belief that there will always be work on the streets with your head stuck up your arse until the day comes when you are struggling to earn enough money to cover your diesel to get back home again.

Or you can do something to help yourself and your colleagues to protect and preserve the London Taxi Trade for the future, to preserve it so that you can continue to provide for your family.

The World we living is changing, we are living in a “switched on World” where technology is king and people have become lazy, they want to be able to order what they want from where they are standing and they want it now! They want an efficient and prompt service and they want to be treated with respect and be shown some customer service.

It’s all Doom & Gloom

Reading this post you might come to the conclusion that it’s all doom and gloom, but there are those of us, within the trade who truly believe that we can win.

We may not win every battle but there are many battles fought within a war! Don’t forget, If we do not fight then we are destined to lose, but if we do fight we may just win!

There are things that we as a trade can do to enhance the image that the travelling public have of the London Taxi, but we need to work together.

It is time that the drivers within this trade took control of their destiny, and stopped looking at others to provide solutions for them.

Open Meeting

We are going to hold another open meeting to discuss the future of the London Taxi Trade and what we can do to insure its future, what we can do to promote our trade and improve the publics perception of London taxi drivers and dispel the untruths that the news and media print regarding our fares compared to those of private hire.

The Meeting will be held on

Wednesday 1st October


The Oak Taxi Cafe

North Wharf Road, Paddington




So if you care about the trade from which you earn your living?

If you would like to continue driving a Taxi

If you do not want to retrain to do another job.

Please come along and put your point across, we need ideas and suggestions as to how we can move our trade forward and secure its future.

But you have already had one meeting

Yes I had already arranged one meeting, and no it wasn’t very week attended but there were some positives that come out of that meeting.

Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm

Believe me I have no loss of enthusiasm for preserving our trade, I want our trade to survive and flourish and move forward.


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