It was fantastic for West Ham Uniged a Football Club (@whufc_official) to allow drivers to use their facilities at such short notice.
Excerts From Points of light. 
There are heroes whose names we never hear
A dedicated army of quiet volunteers
Reaching out to feed the hungry
Reaching out to save the land
Reaching out to help their fellow men.
There are dreamers who are making dreams come true
Taking time to teach the children there’s nothing they can’t do.
Giving shelter to the homeless giving hope to those without.
Isn’t that what this land’s all about.
Editorial Comment:
Another great day for the “Army of quiet volunteers”.
It was fantastic for the Mayor of Maldon to not only welcome the procession of taxes, but he also took the trouble to welcome every driver and every child.
A big thank you to everyone who make this day so special.
    Words from Randy Travis, Points of Light.

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