Various messages have been coming in informing us that the Black App, Uber, are visiting various Taxi Ranks and enticing drivers to sign up, they are offering various incentives including £50 just to register for the app.

Last week we were informed that they visited the City Airport rank where apparently one driver signed up, the promotion team were then forced to leave the area by the rank marshall at the airport as we were told that City Airport did not want to have any trouble with the drivers on the rank. The driver that did sign up has allegedly been disowned by his colleagues and asked not to return the the rank.

We have also been informed that a “bunch of sexy girls” turned up today at Ealing rank with the intention of signing drivers but they were consequently blasted by a couple of drivers and they moved on. We are not yet aware whether or not they returned to the rank to try again.

It is also known that Uber have been at Surbiton today attempting to sign up more drivers, it is alleged that they are encouraging yellow Badge drivers to remove their IDs and hang up in town on the premise that they will be accepting a pre booked job through the Black App.

It appears that Uber are targeting suburban drivers in the drive to sign up more taxis to the Black App, there is an obvious reason as to their incentive for doing this as yellow Badge drivers are finding it harder than Green badge drivers to make a living in their chosen area hence it is more of a lure for them to sign up on the promise of getting more fares and earning more money.

We also believe that this is an attempt by the Black App to split the taxi trade and further the tension between Green and Yellow badge drivers, also this is a further attempt to challenge TfL policy and regulations.

We do realise that in these challenging times the temptation to sign up for a service such as that offered by the Black App is hard to resist, especially for drivers in some suburban areas where work is scarce during the summer holiday season, but signing up for such a service only  goes to towards further blurring the distinction between the Taxi and private Hire Trades and does nothing for the well earned reputation of the London Taxi trade as a whole.

Drivers should resist the urge to sign up for the Black App Uber!


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