Yesterday I received my new iPhone Xs, it was delivered while I was out at work and after doing a long day I wasn’t really in the mood for tackling the Restore and Backup using iTunes.

But I thought I would take a look anyway and switch the phone on and familiarise myself with it. When I switched it on it started to go through the set up procedure and to my delight it came up with a message which said, If you are updating from an iPhone running IOS 11 or newer just put this phone close to the phone you are updating from, so I moved the Xs close to my iPhone 7 and viola it started to copy everything across. I thought great, I won’t have to go through the restore and backup process with iTunes, but my joy did not last as the process very quickly failed.

This morning i got up and thought, right lets do this, so I connected my iPhone 7 to my Mac and did a backup which went quite smoothly even if it did take a long time, mind you I do have a lot of crap on my phone.

Now to connect my new iPhone Xs to my Mac and restore the backup from my iPhone 7, and this is where the trouble started!

I went through all of the stages of allowing the phone to trust this computer and so on only to receive this error message

I tried several times to connect to iPhone to iTunes to no avail, so I resorted to the Apple user community for help, this is where so called experts answer your questions regarding Apple products, and to be honest the help available was of no help at all.

I performed all of the suggested fixes, like restarting the computer, checking to see if the Mac was actually detecting that the iPhone was connected via USB and so on, but no luck with connecting to iTunes.

I also checked for any updates for iTunes from within the software and also on the Apple App store, but it said there were no updates available for my Mac.

So i resorted to typing the problem into google where i found this, The latest update for iTunes is not available in the apple store yet, type in iTunes Download into Google or Safari and re-download iTunes and install it!

So Apple have released a new iPhone and have not put the necessary software updates into the App store, well that was forward thinking of them!

I typed iTunes download into google and downloaded the latest version, installed it and connected my new iPhone Xs to my Mac and at last was able to connect and restore my backup from my iPhone 7.

So if you are intending going for the new iPhone Xs, download the latest version of iTunes by typing iTunes Download into your browser on your computer before trying to connect, update or restore.

Hopefully Apple will resolve this issue soon so you will not encounter this problem, but if you do then follow the steps above.



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