Well recently LTI as they were, announced that they were only going to warranty their parts for a period of 6 months140, if the part did go wrong then your garage would replace the part and return the faulty part to the LTI/LTC parts store who supplied the part, the part would then be sent off for testing and if deemed to be faulty then a refund would be issued to the garage, I have been personally been waiting for nearly a year for a refund on an alternator that was sent back faulty, now we know it was faulty as we tested it, but where LTi are concerned that is not good enough.

Now as if the old regime wasnt bad enough they have now made it even worse!

Now if your garage fits an LTi part (I am going to call them this as they are still labelled LTi) and it subsequently becomes faulty your garage will have to make arrangements for you to visit and LTi service agent, if the service agent then deems that the part supplied is at fault they will then book you in for the part to be replaced. Now for those of you who have experienced the LTi service agent, especially M&O as they were previously called you will know that this whole process could take a number of days.

Now this is undoubtedly a ploy by LTC to regain some of their lost customers and trdy to tie the market up within London so that you the customer can only use LTC approved service agents. So what will this mean to the ordinary Taxi garage, basically they have made it virtually impossible for them to choose LTi parts over pattern parts!

I have spoken to at least 4 garage proprietors and they have all stated that where there is a decent alternative part available they will now start using them in preference to the LTi supplied part due to this ridiculous warranty arrangement, so in essence all that The London Taxi Company have done is further alienate more of their customers and push them further into using competitors parts. Who is it that comes up with these hair brained schemes? surely they cannot think that this stupid arrangement will actually increase business for them, personally I think it will have the opposite effect for them and actually decrease their parts turnover drastically.

In conclusion I would urge anyone needing a part for their taxi to first seek a decent alternative as most parts suppliers warranty their parts for 1 year rather than 6 months, also most parts suppliers will exchange a part that has gone faulty and that has been fitted by one of their regular customers on a no quibble basis, most engine parts fitted to TX2’s are sourced by LTi from Ford anyway so you would still be fitting genuine parts to your TX2, TX4 parts are a little harder to come by but there are alternatives coming into the market place. Most suspension parts can be sourced from alternative suppliers including shocks, balljoints, track rod ends, steering boxes and idlers and most other parts.

LTi or The London Taxi Company, you really have not done yourself any favours with this badly thought out warranty arrangement that you have instigated !


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